Ideas in Store is an independent consulting and training company, based in Geneva, since 2013.

With shopper and in-store marketing mastery at the core, with experience of applied corporate strategy and with a bias for actionable ideas, we help companies focus on doing fewer things and doing them better.

Working at both executive, leadership and business team levels we count both retailers, FMCG, tech, consumer durables, communication agencies and even some of the big 5 consultancies amongst our clients. Although dominated by blue chip we work with companies ranging from small start-ups over established mid-size all the way through the very biggest and best-known brands and companies, mainly in Europe and the Americas.

Organizational design, capability building and development, workshops, on-going as well as one-off trainings all form part of the work we do with and for clients.

While all dimensions and elements of shopper and in-store marketing and mastery of “Path to Purchase” form the core of our competitive expertise, in practice we spend as much time working Corporate Strategy, Marketing frameworks, Commercial frameworks, Go-to-market strategy, Organizational design, -development and -diversity with our clients.

In every case, a mix of consulting, thinking and training tools are used to best help client companies create value where they most need it. We keep every tool and interaction informed by our desire to always keep our work Simple, Real, Actionable and Smiley. Why also add smiley to this list? Well, although we take our clients and our clients’ businesses very seriously, we don’t need to take ourselves too seriously. And we do find that our work works better with a smile!

We also work with a tight network of experienced, trusted associates and partner companies when our clients have needs outside our own expertise. All of them are united by having a proven track record and by a pragmatic and action-focused approach to work.