"What's Next Participant", Europe 

​"The training was brilliant and is indispensable for anyone who is “voluntarily” leaving their employer. Very pragmatically
​and constructively it prepares the trainees to better deal with the change brought upon them. ... Probably one of the best trainings I have ever attended."


Agency, Europe 

​"This is just a quick note to thank you for your time today. I really think we have made some significant progress,
​with strong stories emerging for our priority opportunities. That’s mainly thanks to you!"

Retailer, Europe 

​"Huge thanks for the note, the attachments and the summaries and for the entire work that you have performed in the
​past months. I will repeat that it has been inspiring to work with you and you have made a real mark into our thinking."

FMCG brand owner, Europe 

​"A big thank you from Team XYZ. You presented a lot of inspiring models/methodology that I will use within my team
to clear the (very) cloudy sky."

FMCG brand owner, Europe 

​"I take the opportunity to wish you all the best for 20xx. I'm really happy to have found you this year... You helped me a lot starting this new journey inside COMPANY XYZ."

Start-Up Founder, Europe 

​"Again a very big thank you for our workshop - this has been tremendously helpful for BRAND X. Both from a personal
​and professional perspective this was a great day - THANK YOU."